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How install an image on a USB stick with Meoboot.
How install an image on a USB stick with Meoboot.

Please remember to run Meoboot you must have the Black Hole image in the flash memory of your box.

As follows :-

1} Press Green button @STB Remote Control and select from the plugins Meoboot, the plugins page will look like this {1}

2.1} Best way is to install Meoboot on a USB stick

4} Now you need to copy an image from your PC to your box (using your favourite ftp program). They go into the directory /media/meoboot/MbootUpload.
Image must be in zip format because Meoboot ignores all others. {6}

6} If you have any problems or you are not sure where to place the image(s) just press the blue button for help, a brief description of this guide has been built into the image by the coder {8}

8} Ok when you are ready, press the Red button and Meoboot will start to install the new image onto your usb stick {10}
When installation is complete your box will automaticly reboot and the new image will be selected to boot from.

10} If you push Green button and select VTI to boot from, your box will reboot and your newly installed image will run {12}

Thank you EVO and Artorius in help with translation


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